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KOSIMT Card (Shenzhen KOSIMT Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leader in the domestic, a new generation of smart card application system manufacturer. Products involved in the field of its community card, building card, business card, campus card and so on. Corporate headquarters is located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone "central area", in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Changsha, Wuhan, respectively, with branch offices, the company has been through the security management system certification industry.

We have a smart card has a team of experienced engineers, we tightly around the electronic identification systems and sensor card system of this market, we can pay more attention to emerging markets special requirements, more flexible integration with our partners, to design the most suitable products to market demand. After years of operating and technology accumulation, we have established a customer-oriented, from program planning, matching accessories, software design, project management to maintenance, such as a full range of customer service system. We have been able to provide customers with the industry's most complete set of the current card system, including access management, parking management, elevator management, patrol management, attendance management, savings, consumption management, water control management.

We rely on the strong industry experience, through the standardization of internal management, ensuring the design, development, production, installation of all aspects of high-quality and efficient. Employees are subject to higher education, and have received professional training systems, technology, management-type accounts for more than 80% of staff, one of Master's and Engineer titles accounted for more than 60% (has a doctor, Master 2), for equipment installation and after-sale service provides a reliable protection. Younger age structure of employees, the average age of only 30 years old, so that it can go with full face of the spirit of the ever-changing market.

Company and all employees have a strong pioneering spirit, the spirit of innovation and collaborative spirit of adhering to the "intelligent control, science and technology leading, quality first, credibility first" business philosophy, our clients not only across departments and units of all domestic enterprises and institutions, and are exported to Southeast Asia and European market. With Branch Point in the Study of IC card production capacity and sales of unique skills, in their professional market operators won a high reputation.


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